Renewal & Status Change Requirements

*****Updated with the requirements beginning in Tax Year 2020*****

Once you have been approved for the exemption program, you will be required to submit a renewal application every four years.  The Assessor's Office maintains a renewal schedule and will mail those applications in April of the required tax year.  ****Tax Year 2021 Renewal Applications - DUE JUNE 18, 2021**** 


During the years between your renewal applications, if you have changes that would affect your exemption status, you are required to notify the Assessor's Office by completing a Status Change Form.  **Tax Year 2021 Status Change Form**


Changes in status include:

*Death of claimant.

*Change in marital status

*Move to a different primary residence that you own

*Move to another home, nursing home or assisted living facility – even if temporary

*Sale or transfer of the primary residence

*Do not physically occupy the primary residence for more than 6 months during a calendar year

*Change in disability status (no longer disabled or have entered into gainful employment)

*Change in income - ONLY if it will affect the exemption status you are currently receiving.  This includes an annual income increase or decrease that puts you into a different category OR increases your annual income over the $48,574 limit.