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Kitsap County values the business community and in partnership, we want to keep you, your business and your customers safe.  Anytime you have a project, are moving or starting a business, we are here to help make sure your business passes life safety concerns and prevent any future unforeseen disasters from happening.

Not sure what permit to choose for your commercial project?

Use the Commercial Permit Selector Tool - based on your selections, this tool will pair you with the permit that fits your project.

Commercial/Business Permits

Below are some of the most common Commercial/Business permits. If you don't see a permit that fits your project, visit the Online Permit Forms page for the complete list.

Fire Code Permits

In addition to commercial permits, some commercial projects may also need Fire Code Permits. Below is a list of some of the most common Fire Code Permits. If you don't see a permit that fits your project, visit the Online Permit Forms page for the complete list.

Risk Check - Inspection Program for Commercial Businesses

Risk Check is Kitsap County's Commercial Occupancy Fire & Life Safety Inspection Program. This program replaces the annual inspections that were previously conducted by the local Fire Departments and uses a risk assessment to prioritize the frequency of inspections based on the known risk of each business. Businesses with a higher fire and life safety risk are scheduled to be inspected more frequently, example: a hospital would be inspected more often than a office building. For more information about this program, or to work with Risk Check staff on scheduling your inspection, visit the Risk Check Page. 

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