Land Use and Development, Professional Consultants

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Kitsap County Code (KCC) authorizes DCD to keep a list of consultants qualified to prepare documents required for land segregations (KCC 16.04.180), zoning and land use review (KCC 17.100.090), timber harvest (KCC 18.16.210), and critical area review (KCC 19.100.170). 

These sections state in more detail:

List of Qualified Consultants. As a resource to applicants, the department will maintain a list of arborists, habitat biologists, hydrogeologists, geological engineers, geologists, land surveyors, and wetlands scientists who, at the time of listing, are licensed in the state of Washington and meet the minimum qualifications of Kitsap County Code to prepare certain documents required by this title. The list will contain those consultants who have responded to Kitsap County's call to be listed. 

Kitsap County makes no representation or guarantee of the quality of services performed by those listed and reserves the right to discontinue the list at any time.



Geological Engineers



Habitat Biologists


Land Surveyors

Wetland Scientists

 Are you a Qualified Consultant?

​If you would like to be added to our professional consultant list,  you will need to complete and submit the Statement of Qualifications form.