Copy Requests



The Clerk's Office offers two options for electronic access to select publicly available court records.  


Infrequent Users

If you are an infrequent user looking to purchase certified or non-certified records, access through the Washington State Digital Archives is available.

Under the dropdown for "Record Series", select Superior Court Records. Select Kitsap County for the "County" dropdown.

Enter the case number you are searching for with dashes. If you do not know a case number you can search through the Odyssey Portal.

Once your case appears you may select which documents you would like to purchase, the title of the document is listed under "Description". To preview a portion of the document to verify that is what you're looking for, click the page/magnifying glass icon under "Image Exists".

After you've selected your documents, click "Add to Cart" then continue with the checkout process.


Frequent Users

Please note:  The Odyssey Portal is a subscription-based service for frequent users requiring access to electronic court documents to perform the duties of their employment.  Access to electronic court records is available to the general public at the Washington State Digital Archives. 

If you are a frequent user of court records, information on our subscription service, Odyssey is available HERE. If you have read the registration information and would like to subscribe to the Odyssey Portal, CLICK HERE.

Procedures for Inspection of Public Records