Jury Services


Kitsap County Superior Court to resume jury trials. Effective as of April 2, 2021

Kitsap County District Court remains suspended until April 30, 2021 . Municipal Court(s) are suspended until April 15, 2021. 

Please visit our COVID-19 Resource Page for updated information from the Court, including current processes and procedures.

If you do choose to use eResponse to check your reporting status, ensure you look for a date in the reporting date section to see if you have been selected. 

   In eResponse the On-Call: No section has nothing to do with Kitsap County and has no bearing on your reporting date.

   CLICK HERE for eResponse to fill out your Juror Summons or to check your status for Jury Duty.

   Driving Directions

   Courthouse Campus Parking Map
Using the Parking Permit attached to the jury summons allows jurors to park in any public space, even time limited, all day without penalty during the assigned service week.  Place the permit on your dashboard in plain sight.  Detach the juror badge (with your name and barcode) and bring it into the building for check-in.
Jury staff will not attempt, nor authorize anyone else, to collect money for missed jury service.  If you have been asked to pay for missed jury service and/or are threatened with arrest, please do not pay and report this to your local police or Sheriff's office.

Jury Pages
General Information
Phone numbers, court locations, information on jury duty

Jury Duty Instructions
Juror call-in procedure, summons instructions, reporting for jury duty

Employer Information
Jury duty information for employers