1908banner.jpg(1908 - Future Clerks Reina Osburn and William Newman far right)

McRedmond.jpg webster.jpgComstock.jpg
Luke McRedmond (D)
Territorial Clerk (1858-1859)
John Webster (R)
Territorial Clerk (1859-1860)
Fred W. Comstock (R)
Kitsap County Clerk (1889-1890)


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(1886 - Luke McRedmond far right in front of the Redmond Post Office)

Thomas Ross
John B. Anderson
James B. Clark

(John Anderson was elected nine times to the House of Representatives)​ (1891 - Rev Clark with Suzsannah and Grandson)

Thomas Wilson (R)
​​Edward F. Jones
​​Charles Berry

(1916 - Courthouse Staff)

William C. Newman
Andrew M. Anderson
Guy L. Wetzel (R)


lundbusiness.jpg​ ​

History of Sidney/Port Orchard by Guy Wetzelwetzelsign.png

Arthur Lund (R)
(1923-1930 & 1939-1946)
Reina M. Osburn (R)
(1931-1938 & 1947-1957)
Margarett Smith (D)

(1942 - Clerk Certification of Election for Aruthur Lund)
(1934 - Republican Flyer for Reina Osburn)

​​Robert Freudenstein (D)
​​Dean C. Logan (D)
​​David W. Peterson (D)

​       Sonntag.jpg
                    Alison Sonntag (D) 
           (1949 - Clerk's front counter - same location - Reina Osburn far right in the middle)

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