​Probate/Estate Filing


Ex Parte Court: Monday - Friday at 8:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. - Please arrive 20 minutes prior for court at the Clerk's Office (room 202) with items 1-6 below, at minimum, and filing fee.

$240 filing fee, cash or credit card ONLY. Credit card payments include a 3% processing fee.  

Forms required to open probate:

  1. Case Cover Sheet (Clerk's Office can provide)

  2. Petition for Probate of Will, Letters of Testamentary or Administration
  3. Original Will (if applicable)
  4. Order Admitting Will to Probate and Granting Letters (of Testamentary OR Administration)
  5. Oath *Signed AND Notarized* (The Clerk's Office does NOT have a notary available on-site)
  6. Letters of Testamentary OR Letters of Administration; certified copies are $5 each (Clerk's Office can prepare these for you)

  7. Other forms that may be required after probate is opened: Probate Notice to Creditors, Notice of Appointment, Receipt and Waiver of Heirs.

Refer to website for closing documents.

Probate packets are available for purchase at the Clerk's Office for $10!

For additional information on the Probate or Small Estate process please visit www.KingCountyProbates.com

**This is only a helpful guide in opening a probate. Please consult with an Attorney for additional assistance**