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Mental Health Services

Kitsap ALTC contracts with MCS Counseling Group to provide both Older Adult Counseling and Substance Abuse services.

Older Adult Counseling provides outpatient and consultation/education services designed to:

  • evaluate an older person's need for mental health intervention.

  • determine the type of intervention needed.

  • provide appropriate treatment or referral for treatment.

  • disseminate information to help older persons gain access to needed mental health and other community services.

  • provide specialized training, consultation and education to community agencies and organizations to improve community services and increase awareness of mental health issues.

Chemical Dependency Counseling provides:

  • specialized assessments for persons age 60 and above, which include individualized treatment recommendations.

  • assistance in obtaining treatment at whatever level available and the client is willing to accept.

  • community planning efforts to provide enhanced services for persons in need of substance abuse services, both in and out-patient.

For more information on a referral to either program, please call (360) 337-5700. For information on MC Counseling Group please call (360)698-5883.