​Suicide Awareness and Prevention
Need help now ? 

Do you need help or know someone who is struggling with crisis? Call the Salish Regional Crisis Line to talk to someone who can help 
a888-910-0416 or go to imhurting.org

Get online emotional support during times of crisis. Everyone is welcome to talk about what’s causing them to feel pain. Crisis counselors will listen to you without judgment and help you feel cared about and safe.

Click here for other suicide prevention 

resources for teens, veterans and families.

 Training and News

This page will be updated as opportunities arise. See the Washington State Department of Health's Suicide Prevention Page for statewide information. 

 Suicide Statistics

 Risk Factors and Warning Signs

 Help Someone I Know

  Survivor Grief Support

About Us

The mission of the Kitsap County Suicide Awareness and Prevention group is to increase awareness of—and access to— suicide prevention support and resources for all ages, with the goal of reducing suicide in our community.

We do this through:

 Resource Sharing

Our group includes participation from over 20 local organizations including; Education, Law Enforcement, Aging and Long-Term Care, Treatment, Prevention, Employment, and local community members.

We can reduce the number of deaths by suicide in our community. Research indicates, Evidence Based Treatment and Prevention activities make a difference.

You can make a difference by:

Kitsap County News

Contact 911 if you are in an emergency. 

Contact the "Need Help Now?" crisis line  to get help for yourself or someone else:

888-910-0416 or imhurting.org.

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