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‚ÄčKitsap County Mental Health, Chemical Dependency and Therapeutic Court Citizens Advisory Committee

The Kitsap County Commissioners established the Mental Health, Chemical Dependency, and Therapeutic Court Services Citizens Advisory Committee with Ordinance #507-2013 adopted on September 23, 2013 with the authority granted to counties in RCW 82.14.460.

To help prevent and reduce the impacts of disabling chemical dependency and mental illness by creating and investing in effective, data driven programs for a continuum of recovery-oriented systems of care, the purpose of the Citizens Advisory Committee is to:

-Advise the Board of Commissioners on systemic mental health, substance abuse and therapeutic court issues.  

-Review strategic plans which identify regional needs and guide near-term actions to address such needs.

-Assess proposals for targeted funding to address the needs outlined in the strategic plans.

-Develop and measure specific performance measures to ensure funding is meeting proposed goals and those of Kitsap's strategic plans.

-Ensure that the implementation and evaluation of the strategies and programs funded by the Treatment Sales Tax are transparent, accountable  and collaborative.