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Kitsap County Free Meal Guide - (Updated 4/26/2023)

Comida Gratis en Kitsap County - (Octobre 2020)

Sally's Homeless and Low-Income Resource Guide - Winter 2023 (Updated 2/8/23)

Resource Guide for Pet Owners Winter 2018-2019

Kitsap County Housing Solutions Center Brochure

Veterans Resource Guide (Updated 3/8/2023)

Veterans Housing Options

Housing Solutions Center of Kitsap County Brochure

How to Help People Living Homeless (Updated 09/30/2019)

Suicide Awareness and Prevention & Crisis Lines 

Kitsap COVID-19 Resources

In response to COVID-19 many community-based organizations, cities, county, and state resources have altered services, relaxed eligibility, or offered additional assistance to people in need. See the list of COVID-19 resources compiled by the Kitsap County Housing and Homelessness Coalition.

How to Help People Living Homeless During COVID-19

Service providers in Kitsap County are struggling to serve individuals and families with limited supplies and volunteer, but you can help!

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Donate Meals 

For people who are unable to volunteer in person you can help by donating meals to homeless shelters and day rooms PDF

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