Kitsap County eRecording

The Kitsap County Auditor's Office introduced e-recording technology, the industry standard for delivering public documents for recording in electronic format.

The new technology will enable citizens to utilize the Internet to electronically prepare documents for scanning and uploading while drastically reducing the time it takes to officially record documents with the county. Once your e-Recorded document is indexed it is immediately searchable on our website.

The Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (UETA) established in 1999 along with the Uniform Real Property Electronic Recording Act (URPERA) established 2004 led the way to a safe and secure standard for e-recording by government bodies across the United States.

The Kitsap County Auditor is currently collaborating with these companies to make it even easier for you to record your documents. Research which company is best suited for your e-recording needs:

Corporation Service Company
Indecomm Global Services
​eRecording Partners Network
Ben Sherman
Simplifile (currently the only company that can e-record documents that require a treasurer excise tax stamp)
Josh Holmes
800-460-5657 x1034

If you have further questions about e-Recording your documents send us an email.