Candidate Filing

Running for public office is one of the best ways to turn your ideas into action. In November thousands of Americans like you will run for local elected offices, making a direct impact on their community.

Candidate filing for races in 2019 will be May 13-17.

Online filing, used by nearly 75 percent of all candidates in elections in 2017 and 2018, will be available beginning at 9 a.m., Monday, May 13 and ending at 4 p.m. Friday, May 17.
​Filing in person or by fax begins at 8 a.m., Monday, May 13 and ends at 4:30 p.m., Friday, May 17.
​Candidates may file by mail beginning April 29. Mailed filings received before April 29 will be returned to the sender per RCW 29A.24.081.

To answer many of your questions about filing and the Local Voters' Pamphlet, download the 2019 Kitsap Candidate and Measures Guidelines book (36 pages, 1.4 MB), or ask for a printed copy at the Kitsap County Auditor's Office - Elections Division, 619 Division Street, Port Orchard, WA 98366. Much of the information in the guidelines book will be useful as you plan your campaign.

Learn about the Public Disclosure Requirements. Most candidates are required to file financial documents with the Public Disclosure Commission.

Deadlines for Districts Considering Ballot Measures

Districts placing measures on future ballots must meet the following deadlines for filing resolutions with the Kitsap County Auditor's Office - Elections Division.

2019/2020 Election Dates Deadline for Resolution Ballots Mailed By
​August 6, 2019
​May 10, 2019
July 19, 2019
​November 5, 2019
​August 6, 2019 ​October 18, 2019
​February 11, 2020​December 13, 2019​January 24, 2020
​March 10, 2020 Presidential Primary​​No measures​​February 22, 2020
​April 28, 2020​February 28, 2020​April 10, 2020
​August 4, 2020 Primary​May 8, 2020​July 17, 2020
​November 3, 2020 General Election​August 4, 2020​October 16, 2020

Obtaining Voter Data and Election Results.

Information that may be useful to candidates and campaigns.        

Lot Draw 

RCW 29A.36.131 specifies that the order of candidates on the Primary ballot is determined by lot draw. At 4:30 p.m. on the Friday of filing week, the Kitsap County Auditor's Office - Elections Division draws lettered tiles to create the ballot order for races.

2019 Offices and Positions Open for Filing (All races are non partisan.)

All offices file with the Kitsap County Auditor unless noted otherwise

Kitsap County Judicial Offices​ ​ ​ ​

​Office​IncumbentFiling Fee​Term​
​Kitsap County Superior Court Position 2​Michelle Adams​$1,725.71Unexpired ​
1-year term

Cities​ ​ ​ ​

City of Bainbridge Island - Non-charter Code City, Defined Council Districts

​​Office​Incumbent​Filing Fee​Term
Council District 1, At-Large​​Ron Peltier​$120.00​4-year term
​Council District 2, North Ward​Kol Medina​​$120.00​​4-year term
​Council District 4, Central Ward​Leslie Schneider​​$120.00​​Short and full 4-year term
​Council District 6, South Ward​Sarah Blossom​​$120.00​​4-year term
​ ​ ​ ​

​​​City of Bremerton - 1st Class Charter City, Defined Council Districts

​​​Office​​​IncumbentFiling Fee​​Term​​
​Council District 2​Leslie Daugs​$122.76​​4-year term
​​Council District 4​Lori Wheat​​$122.76​​Short and full 4-year term
​​Council District 6​Richard Huddy​​$122.76​​4-year term
​ ​ ​ ​

City of Port Orchard - 2nd Class City, Candidates may reside anywhere within the city​ ​ ​ ​

​​​Office​​​IncumbentFiling Fee​​Term​​
​Mayor​Robert B. Putaansuu​$825.41​4-year term
​Council Position 1​Shawn Cucciardi​$120.00​4-year term
​​Council Position 4​John W. Clauson​$120.00​4-year term
​​Council Position 5​Cindy Lucarelli​$120.00​4-year term
​​Council At-Large​Jay Rosapepe​$120.00​2-year term
​ ​ ​ ​

​ City of Poulsbo - Non Charter Code City, Candidates may reside anywhere within the city

​​​Office​​​IncumbentFiling Fee​​Term​​
​Council Position 1​Kenneth Thomas​$90.00​​4-year term
​Council Position 2​Connie Lord​​$90.00​​4-year term
​Council Position 3​Gary Nystul​​$90.00​​4-year term
​Council Position 4​Jeff McGinty​​$90.00​​4-year term
​Council Position 7​Abby Garland​​$90.00
2-year term


School Districts ​ - Defined Director Districts unless noted otherwise ​ ​ ​

Bremerton School District No. 100-C​ ​- Candidates may reside anywhere within the school district.

​​Office​Incumbent ​Term
Director Position 1 Naomi Evans 4-year term
Director Position 2 J. David Rubie 4-year term
​Director Position 3​Jonee Dubos​4-year term
​ ​ ​ ​

Bainbridge Island School District No. 303​ ​ ​ ​

​Office ​Incumbent ​Term
Director District 1 Lynn Smith 4-year term
Director District 3 Mev Hoberg 4-year term
Director District 4 Christina Hulet 4-year term

North Kitsap School District No. 400​ ​ ​

​Director District 2​Jim Almond4-year term​
​Director District 3​Beth Worthington
2-year term
Director District 4​Glen Robbins4-year term​
​Director District 5Cindy Webster-Martinson​4-year term​

Central Kitsap School District No. 401​

Director District 2​Rob MacDermid4-year term​
Director District 3​Scott Woehrman4-year term​
Director District 4​Jeanie Schulze4-year term​

​South Kitsap School District No. 402​ ​ ​

Director District 1​Eric Gattenby4-year term​
Director District 2​Keith W. Garton4-year term​
Director District 5​Gregory J. Wall4-year term​

​North Mason School District No. 403 ​- File with Mason County Auditor

​Director District 1​Art Wightman4-year term​
Director District 3​​Laura Boad4-year term​
Director District 4​John Campbell4-year term​


Fire Districts ​

Bainbridge Island Fire Department ​ ​ ​

​​Office​Incumbent ​Term
Commissioner Position 2YongSuk Cho6-year term
Commissioner Position 3Gina Batali4-year
unexpired term
Commissioner Position 4Fritz von Ibsch6-year term
​ ​ ​ ​

Central Kitsap Fire and Rescue

Commissioner Position 2Guy Earle6-year term
Commissioner Position 4Ken Erickson6-year term

Kitsap County Fire Protection District No. 18 (Poulsbo Fire)

Commissioner Position 2C. Conrad Green6-year term
​Commissioner Position 5Darryl Milton6-year term

North Kitsap Fire & Rescue

​Commissioner Position 2Patrick Pearson6-year term

North Mason Regional Fire Authority - File with Mason County Auditor

​Commissioner Position 1​Kelley McIntosh​6-year term

​​South Kitsap Fire and Rescue

Commissioner Position 2D.W. Dusty Wiley6-year term
Commissioner Position 5Paul Golnik6-year term


​Port Districts - Defined Commissioner Districts unless noted otherwise ​ ​ ​

​Port of Bremerton District No. 1

Office ​Incumbent ​Filing Fee ​Term
Commissioner District 2 Larry Stokes ​$120.00 6-year term
​ ​ ​ ​

​Port of Brownsville District No. 2

Office ​Incumbent Filing Fee Term
Commissioner District 3 ​Shaun Nye ​​$34.20 Short and full 6-year term

​Port of Eglon District No. 4

​​Office ​Incumbent Filing Fee Term
Commissioner District 1 ​Timothy Holbrook N/A 6-year term
​ ​ ​ ​

​Port of Illahee District No. 6 - Candidates may reside anywhere within the port district.

​​Office​IncumbentFiling FeeTerm
​Commissioner Position 3​Jim Aho​N/A​6-year term

​Port of Indianola District No. 7

​​Office​IncumbentFiling FeeTerm
​Commissioner District 3​John Lane​N/A​6-year term

​Port of Keyport District No. 8 - Candidates may reside anywhere within the port district. ​ ​ ​

​​Office​IncumbentFiling FeeTerm
​Commissioner Position 1Lena Hunt​N/AShort and full​6-year term
​Commissioner Position 2​Brian Watne​N/AUnexpired 4-year term
​ ​ ​ ​

​​Port of Kingston District No. 9

​​Office​IncumbentFiling FeeTerm
​Commissioner District 1​Steve Heacock​$34.20Short and full​6-year term

​Port of Manchester District No. 10 - Candidates may reside anywhere within the port district. ​ ​ ​

​​Office​IncumbentFiling FeeTerm
​Commissioner Position 1​James E. Strode​N/A​4-year term

​Port of Poulsbo District No. 12 - Candidates may reside anywhere within the port district.

​​Office​IncumbentFiling FeeTerm
​Commissioner Position 1​Steve L. Swann​$30.48​6-year term

​Port of Silverdale District No. 14

​​Office​IncumbentFiling FeeTerm
​Commissioner District 1​Lawrence C. Greaves​N/A​6-year term

​Port of Tracyton District No. 15 ​ ​ ​

​​Office​IncumbentFiling FeeTerm
​Commissioner District 3​Ken Griffin​N/AShort and full​6-year term

​Port of Waterman District No. 16 ​ ​ ​

​​Office​IncumbentFiling FeeTerm
​Commissioner District 1​Jeffrey Reynolds​N/A​Unexpired 4-year term
​Commissioner District 2​Brian Moran​N/A​​6-year term


Sewer District - Candidates may reside anywhere within the Sewer District ​

Kitsap County Sewer District No. 7​ ​ ​

​​Office​Incumbent ​Term
Commissioner Position 1Roger Tielman6-year term


Utility District - Candidates may reside anywhere within the Utility District ​

West Sound Utility District No. 1 ​ ​ ​

​​Office​Incumbent ​Term
Commissioner Position 1James Jay Hart6-year term


Water Districts - Candidates may reside anywhere within the Water District ​ ​

Manchester Water District No. 11

​​Office​Incumbent ​Term
Commissioner Position 1James Strode6-year term

Rocky Point Water District No. 12

​Commissioner Position 1​Bhaskar Deodhar6-year term​
​Commissioner Position 3​Gilbert J. KnutzenUnexpired
2-year term​

North Perry Water District No. 13

​Commissioner Position 1​Stephanie S. Marone6-year term​
​Commissioner Position 3​Mary SevillaUnexpired
4-year term​
​ ​ ​

​Sunnyslope Water District No. 15

​Commissioner Position 1​D. Glenn Patterson6-year term​
​Commissioner Position 2​Paul KenfieldUnexpired
2-year term​​​​
​Commissioner Position 3​Kevahn E. SteinkeUnexpired
4-year term​
​ ​ ​

Silverdale Water District No. 16

​Commissioner Position 2​John R. Poppe6-year term​
​ ​ ​

Old Bangor Water District No. 19​

This district’s operations and assets were acquired by the Silverdale Water District and is in the process of being dissolved.


Park Districts - Candidates may reside anywhere within the Park District ​ ​

Bainbridge Island Metropolitan Park & Recreation District

​​Office​Incumbent ​Term
Commissioner Position 1Dawn JanowShort and full 6-year term
​Commissioner Position 3​John T. (Tom) Swolgaard6-year term​

Village Green Metropolitan Park District

​Commissioner Position 2Tracy Darlene Harris6-year term​
​Commissioner Position 5Robert C WardenShort and full 6-year term​


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2019 Candidate Filing Dates

  • May 13-17 - Candidate Filing Week
  • May 20 - Deadline to withdraw
  • Before the Primary (dates TBD) - Special filing period for races with no candidates
  • July 18 - Deadline to file for free as a write-in candidate in the Aug. 6 Primary