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​General Election, November 7, 2023

Official Results 

Reconciliation Report Statistics from General Election 2023

The Kitsap County Elections Canvassing Board met November 27 to review challenged ballots and to hear a report on Kitsap County General Election 2023. The board met November 28 to certify the election. Both meetings are viewable in the videos below. 

Meeting 2: November 28, 2023

Meeting 1: November 27, 2023

Past Election Results

Fast Facts Data, dates and other information about elections in Kitsap County.

Military, Overseas and Early Voting  We make it easy so your voice is heard and your vote is counted, whether you are halfway around the world or stationed here.

Accessible Voting: The Kitsap County Auditor is committed to providing accessible voting systems, programs, and services across our community.

Election Audits and Certification This page includes Hash testing results, video and certification of the audits we perform, the meeting of the Kitsap County Elections Canvassing Board, and leads with a short video explaining all the audits we do during an election.

Running for Office Important information for districts interested in placing ballot measures and for residents running or interested in running for office.

Ballot Measures Information for districts looking to place a ballot measure and for committees writing arguments for and against them.

Kitsap County Elected Officials and District Maps: Discover information about your federal, state, county, and city representatives as well as your school, fire, port, sewer, utility, water, and park & recreation districts.

Past Election Results: View historic Kitsap County election results going back to 1998.

Voter Registration Challenge (Candidate residency challenge) The process for challenging a voter's registration. This challenge is also the process applied for challenging a candidate's eligibility for an office.

Validation: Some measures must meet a "supermajority" to pass. This page provides the number of votes from each district from the General Election of 2022, the number districts use to calculate whether their measures pass in 2023.

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