Your voice counts.

Our duty is to ensure transparency and integrity in counting your vote. Kitsap County Elections, a division of the Kitsap County Auditor, is here to assist you with voter registration and to support you, the eligible voter, during elections. This page provides content to help you make your voice heard.

Important resources for you:

  • Primary 2018

    Local Voters' Pamphlet Read the statements from candidates for US Senate, Congress, the Washington State Legislature, Kitsap County and Kitsap County Public Utility District No. 1.
    Sample Ballot See the names of all the candidates (PCOs not included) who could be on your Primary ballot.
    Ballot Drop Boxes and Accessible Voting Locations: Find the site of the ballot drop box closest to you. The county has 22 locations. Also see the schedule for mobile and accessible voting locations.
    Online Ballot Access (For military and overseas voters. Available to all voters beginning July 20.) Mark your ballot online, print it, sign it, return it.
    Online Ballot Tracker (For military, overseas and early voters. Available to all voters beginning July 20.) Verify your ballot was received.

  • Voter Registration: Use this page to register to vote or easily review your registration information, see your voter history, change your name and address, cancel your registration or find information about restoring voting rights.

    Voter Registration Challenge: Ed Hallda - Denied
    Text of Auditor's Hallda Decision

  • Candidates and Ballot Measure Committees: Candidate filing week for 2018 elections was May 14-18. Find deadlines and other important information as you prepare to run for office in future elections or participate with ballot measures.

  • Military, Overseas and Early Voting: We make it easy so your voice is heard and your vote is counted, whether you are halfway around the world or stationed here.

  • Kitsap County Elected Officials and District Maps: Discover information about your federal, state, county, and city representatives as well as your school, fire, port, sewer, utility, water, and park & recreation districts.

  • Validation: Capital bonds and excess levies (except for school district excess levies) must meet "supermajority" minimum turnout and "yes" vote figures to pass. This document (PDF, 2 pages, 24.6 KB) provides the minimum numbers needed in 2018, based on the previous year's election turnout.

  • Archive of Election Results: View historic Kitsap County election results going back to 1998.

  • Accessible Voting: The Kitsap County Auditor is committed to providing accessible voting systems, programs, and services across our community.

  • You are a part of an amazing community of 260,131 residents in Kitsap County (the 7th largest in Washington State) and we are very proud to serve and represent you. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to stay informed of the services we provide to you.

August 7, 2018 Primary
Voter Registration Dates

  • July 9 - Deadline for new Washington voters to register online or by mail, and for existing Washington voters to make address changes.

  • July 30 - Deadline for new Washington voters to register in person in our Port Orchard office.

  • August 7- Members of the military who are new Washington voters have until 8 p.m. on Election Day, August 7, to register.