Presidential Primary 2020

Washington’s Presidential Primary is March 10, 2020. This election is unique, because it is the only one in this state where voters are required to choose a political party for their vote to count

The state has compiled a list of Presidential Primary frequently asked questions that may help you understand the election better.

The purpose of the Presidential Primary is to determine how many delegates for each candidate attend the Democratic and Republican national conventions this summer. 

You make your party selection separate from your vote, but for your vote to count the candidate you choose on the ballot must be from the party you pick on the envelope. 

You can read each candidate's statement in the state's online Voters' Guide -- Presidential Primary.

Below is an image of how the ballot declaration will appear. 

Presidential Primary Party Declaration
Your party selection, NOT your vote, is public record on the county level for 60 days after the election is certified by the county. The selection is public at the state level for 22 months. 

Who you vote for is NOT public record. This is what your ballot will look like:

Presidential Primary Ballot

Uncommitted Delegates refers to party delegates who will attend the convention without committing to a candidate beforehand.

Voters will be able to write in candidates, but only candidates approved by the parties will be counted.

The return envelope itself will also be different in that it will have a two-color scheme. Below is an image of how that will appear.

Presidential Primary Ballot

Ballots will be mailed by February 21.

All Kitsap County ballot drop boxes will be open beginning February 21, closing at 8 p.m., March 10.

Kitsap County Auditor Paul Andrews participated in a conversation about the Presidential Primary with retired Kitsap County Superior Court Judge Anna Laurie for the League of Women Voters of Kitsap. Watch the video here.