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 Program Overview

The Kitsap County Substance Abuse and Prevention program (KCSAAP) was first established by the Kitsap County Board of Commissioners in 1990 to develop substance abuse prevention resources and to support and assist with the coordination of existing prevention programs and services for youth, their families, schools, and communities. Our work and programs are supported by the Substance Abuse Prevention Coalitions and community partners. You can learn more about the Bremerton and North Kitsap coalitions by attending an event or prevention coalition meeting.

The Washington State Department of Social and Health Services, division of Behavioral Health and Recovery provides funding for Coalitions as part of the Community Prevention & Wellness Initiative which focuses on the limited prevention resources to communities and provides long-term support for positive community change.

 News & Events

In an average year, millions of Americans drive drunk or impaired by illicit drugs. Traffic fatalities during December holiday celebrations like Christmas and New Year's Eve significantly increase those numbers. Families play an essential part in stopping impaired driving. By talking about the risks and setting clear expectations, parents and other caregivers can help their children stay safe, sober, and focused on the road. Learn more about prevention, and find resources and toolkits to help keep our roads safe. December is national driving impaired month learn how you can help save a life

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Questions about Substance Abuse and Prevention Services? Contact Deanne Jackson, Program Coordinator via email at or call 360-337-4878

Or contact Laura Hyde, Program Supervisor via email at or call 360-337-4879


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