​Substance Abuse and Prevention
The Substance Use and Prevention Coalitions conducted their annual survey for  community concerns regarding substance abuse among youth in our community. Thank you to our community for helping the coalitions focus their efforts.
Your Voice Heard Coalition Survey's are Completed

About Us

The Substance Abuse Prevention Program (KCSAAP) was first established by the Kitsap County Board of Commissioners in 1990 to develop needed substance abuse prevention resources and to support and assist with the coordination of existing prevention programs and services for youth, families, schools and communities.

Program Services

Washington State Department of Social and Health Services, Division of Behavioral Health and Recovery is funding Coalitions as part of the Community Prevention & Wellness Initiative which focus the limited prevention resources to communities and provide long-term support for positive community change.

Annual Survey

​It's that time of year again, when the North Kitsap and Bremerton Substance Abuse Prevention Coalitions invite you to participate in their annual community survey.

The goal is to assess attitudes, beliefs, and practices related to youth substance use and behavioral health in our community.

The completed surveys will be utilized to guide our work, and to develop effective substance abuse prevention programs for our community.

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News and Events

DEA Resource for Parents, Get Smart and Drugs

Survey on Experiences During the Pandemic

Kitsap Strong and YWCA Kitsap County, Host a 21-Day Racial Equity and Social Justice Challenge

Meeting the needs of Adolescent Youth

Webinar: Overview on Federal Funding that Supports Substance Use Disorder Treatment

Register: Reduce Alcohol Related Harms
Health Equality and Communities of Color

Drug Slang Terms and Code Words: A Reference for Law Enforcement Personnel
Mind Matters: The Body's Response to Marijuana
A Revolution in Prevention, Understand the Past and Inform the Future
Five Quick Facts: Carfentanil

Virtual Meetings for parents and families, get support during COVID-19
Parents are the Best Teachers

Warning: Vapor products, death and disease
Vaping, Industry Message

Vaping Dangers: Military

Vaping Resources

Know about Cannabis
Grant Funding for Youth Community Service Projects

Support for Students Who Vape
Need Help to Quit Smoking Free

Washington State Tobacco Quitline
Legislative Priority Areas for Substance Abuse and Violence Prevention
How to Participate in the Liquor and Cannabis Rule Making

Washington's "You Can" "Marijuana Can't" Campaign

Court Orders Tobacco Companies to Run Corrective SADS

How to Help People Living in Homelessness

TALL COP Interview with BKAT

Laura Hyde with the County Substance Abuse and Prevention Program talks about the prevention efforts that are working to reduce Marijuana use among teens, even as the drug became more normalized in society. Click here to read the Kitsap Sun article.
Marijuana use declines among 10th-graders
since the drug was legalized for adult use in the state, Kitsap County's 10th-graders are reporting a decline in use. Click here to read the Kitsap Sun article.

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Contact Us
Laura Hyde, Program Coordinator
(360) 337-4879 or lhyde@co.kitsap.wa.us

Deanne Montgomery-Jackson,
Coalition Coordinator
(360) 337-4878 or dmontgom@co.kitsap.wa.us

Hannah Shockley
Supervisor, Department of Human Services
(360) 337-7185 x 3530 or hshockle@co.kitsap.wa.us

Doug Washburn
Director, Department of Human Services


Parent's Guide to Preventing Underage Marijuana Use

What to do when your teen is using
Facts about teen drug use
Resources for youth in crisis
Found a pill? Don't know what it is? Look it up
Get one-on-one help to address your child's substance use
Preventing teen drug abuse
MAT - Medicated Assisted Treatment Open Forum
Fentanyl Warning

Tobacco Use and Youth

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