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Kitsap County Youth Forum

The Kitsap County Commission on Children & Youth and Kitsap Public Health District are co-hosting a forum, so youth have a platform to freely talk about substance use to climate change, from mental health to homelessness, from community safety, and racial equity with the people making and passing policies in Kitsap County. In addition to the forum youth are also invited to attend a virtual training session to help them learn how to talk to elected officials and have their voices heard.

All ages are welcome! The forum is free and open to the public and registration is now openLearn more here.


Let Your Voice Be Heard

The Kitsap County Substance Abuse Prevention Coalitions would like to invite you to share your views & concerns regarding substance abuse among youth in our communities.

This 3-5-minute survey will guide our work in developing effective youth substance abuse prevention programs. Thank you for helping us deliver programs that work for Kitsap County!

If you live in, work in, or have children attending school in the School District areas listed below please click the survey link and complete the survey.


North Kitsap

South Kitsap

To learn more about our services or the coalitions click here.

Find resources below to help young people, their families and friends prevent substance abuse, learn more about drug and alcohol addiction and get help. 

Check out information on Kitsap County Substance Abuse Prevention Coalitions at the link to the right and how to get involved.

Here's a video from the Olympic Educational Service District, addressing substance abuse in youth.

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​  Substance Abuse Prevention Coalitions

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Laura Hyde, Program Coordinator
(360) 337-4879

Deanne Jackson,
Coalition Coordinator
(360) 337-4878

Sonya Miles, Deputy Director
Human Services

Doug Washburn, Director
Human Services

Lakesha Anderson-Evans,  
Office Supervisor
Human Services
360-337-7185, x3530

  Program Services

Washington State Department of Social and Health Services, Division of Behavioral Health and Recovery is funding Coalitions as part of the Community Prevention & Wellness Initiative which focus the limited prevention resources to communities and provide long-term support for positive community change.

  Children of Alcoholics Awareness Week 

Children of Alcoholics 

Week 1  -  Week 2  -  Week 3

"COA (or Children of Alcoholics) Awareness Week happens the 3rdweek of February each year. COA week breaks the silence and recognizes the unique set of challenges that children and teens face who are impacted by a family member's addiction. 

It is estimated that 1 in 7 Americans will struggle with addiction in their lifetimes, and what we know from recent polling data is that rates of substance use have increased during the pandemic. Many adults and teens are unable to meet with their support networks in person right now. Ultimately, children who are impacted by a family member's substance use or addiction may feel especially isolated, confused and alone. We want to let you know that you're not alone, and that, with the right support and understanding healing is possible. The time is more important now than ever to share hope and to connect with a trusted adult. 

Please don't forget these facts:

Addictionis a disease.

You can't Cure it

You didn't Cause it 

You can not Control otherssubstance use

You CAN talk about the problem 

You are not alone

If you are a student or parent of a student and would like more information please reach out to a Student Assistance Professional:

Renee Partsch-Kingston High School



Candace Vaal- North Kitsap High School




Shawnee Hathaway-Ochs



  News and Events

Laura Hyde with the County Substance Abuse and Prevention Program talks about the prevention efforts that are working to reduce Marijuana use among teens, even as the drug became more normalized in society. Click here to read the Kitsap Sun article.
Marijuana use declines among 10th-graders 
since the drug was legalized for adult use in the state, Kitsap County's 10th-graders are reporting a decline in use. Click here to read the Kitsap Sun article.

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About Us

The Substance Abuse Prevention Program (KCSAAP) was first established by the Kitsap County Board of Commissioners in 1990 to develop needed substance abuse prevention resources and to support and assist with the coordination of existing prevention programs and services for youth, families, schools and communities.