The April meeting of the Veterans Advisory Board. Please check back here for updates. 

Veterans Advisory Board


The Kitsap County Veterans' Advisory Board is made up of 17 volunteers from throughout the county who are appointed by the Board of County Commissioners for three-year terms. All members must be veterans of military or merchant marine service honorably discharged.  A simple majority of the council are members of local chapters of national recognized veterans organizations.

The Veterans Advisory Board is chartered to advise County Commissioners on matters affecting local indigent veterans. Members are expected to attend monthly meetings and a longer annual retreat. Members also help coordinate the Veteran Stand Down events in April and September, and the annual The Unforgotten Run to Tahoma ceremony on Memorial Day weekend honoring the unclaimed remains of deceased veterans. The Veterans Advisory Board is also active with local Veterans Day and military appreciation ceremonies.

Veterans Advisory Board 2020 Work Plan

Veterans Advisory Board Members​Term Ending
​Harry Gilger​12/31/21
​Lawrence Handel12/31/20
Tatiane Simons12/31/21
Joseph Kochera12/31/20
​Clive Stewart12/31/22
Bob Theal12/31/22
​Peggy Roy, 2020 Chair
Edward Atchley​12/31/22
Richard Raymond
​Robert Kleinpaste12/31/21
​Brian Davis​12/31/20
Dennis Mannick
Scott Austin
Jeff Rimack
Boyd Lee, 2020 Vice Chair
Jayme DeGooyer12/31/22
Richard Becker12/31/20


Performance Reports

​thru 1/31/18​thru 1/31/19​thru 1/31/20
​thru 2/28/18​thru 2/29/19thru 2/29/20
thru 3/31/18​thru 3/31/19thru 3/31/20
thru 4/30/18thru 4/30/19​thru 4/30/20
​thru 5/31/18thru 5/31/19​thru 5/31/20
​thru 6/30/18thru 6/30/19​thru 6/30/20
thru 7/31/18thru 7/31/19​thru 7/31/20
​thru 8/31/18​thru 8/31/19​thru 8/31/20
​thru 9/30/18thru 9/30/19​thru 9/30/20
thru 10/31/18thru 10/31/19​thru 10/31/20
thru 11/30/18thru 11/30/19​thru 11/30/20
​thru 12/31/18thru 12/31/19​thru 12/31/20



​Meeting Time

Second Wednesday of every month at 5:30 - 7:30 p.m.


The location of this meeting is generally held at Harrision Medical Center, Iris Room, 1780 NW Myhre Rd. Silverdale. See Agenda Packet for exact location.

2020 Agenda Packets

Wednesday, January 8
Wednesday, February 12
Wednesday, March 11 Cancelled
Wednesday, April 8 Cancelled
Wednesday, May 13
Wednesday, June 10
Wednesday, July 8
Wednesday, August 12
Wednesday, September 9
Wednesday, October 14
Wednesday, November 11
Wednesday, December 9

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