Agent Orange Registry Health Exam for Veterans

If you think you had contact with Agent Orange, a toxic chemical used to clear trees and plants during the Vietnam War, or other herbicides while serving in the military, you can request a VA Agent Orange Registry health exam. Even if you don’t have a known illness, the exam could alert you to illnesses that may be related to contact with herbicides. By being part of this registry, you’re also helping your fellow Veterans by giving us information so we can better understand and serve those affected by Agent Orange–related illnesses.

For more information on Agent Orange Registry Exams
Department of Veteran Affairs

Important points about registry exams:
1. FREE to eligible Veterans and no co-payment
2. Not a disability compensation exam and not required for other VA benefits
3. Enrollment in VA's health care system is not necessary
4. Based on Veterans' Recollection of service, not on their military record

For more information on where to go for an exam, contact;

​Washington's Environmental Health Coordinators

Christine Hill
509-525-5200 x 26171

Clayton Thornton

Tracy Frank


More information on coordinators