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Review input, regulatory concepts on short-term vacation rental policy7/11/2019

 Review input, regulatory concepts on vacation rental policy

County Commissioners continue outreach on short-term vacation rentals in Kitsap County. After reviewing public input from a recent survey and outreach events, Commissioners directed staff to host interest-based focus groups (such as short-term rental operators and neighbors) to review preliminary regulatory concepts.

The regulatory concepts were developed after an extensive outreach effort. Public comments received through mid-June on the impacts and opportunities from short-term vacation rentals and related survey responses were summarized and are now available for review. Participation was excellent with more than 26 comment submittals, over 300 citizens attending outreach events, and 894 responses to the survey.

This input provided an understanding of the range of interests, needs, and perspectives of owners/hosts (operators), users, neighbors, and citizens. The results lead to a general conclusion that short-term rentals are an important part of the local tourist economy but some level of oversight is necessary to prevent impacts to community character and neighborhoods.

  • The summary of survey results are available. Click here to view.
  • Click here to view public input summaries from public outreach events, public comments, and written survey responses.
  • Based on this outreach and the review of over 75 local ordinances and the newly passed Washington State HB 1798, staff has prepared a set of regulatory concepts for further public discussion. At this time, these concepts include little detail and are only a basic skeleton. The concepts are intended to be revised based on public input, legal considerations, best practices, and Board direction. Click here to view regulatory concepts. Please note current code requires conditional-use permitting approval for all short-term rentals – but this has been deferred due to the code being overly broad and too burdensome.

Additional outreach will continue through the summer with potential focus groups and other discussions. Please check the project website for ongoing updates and click here to sign up for the project email list.

If you have any questions, comments, or would like additional information, please visit the project website or contact Eric Baker,, or Jennifer Cannon,, in the Commissioners' Office at (360) 337-7080.

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