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Safety reminder as children return to school...1/19/2021

​Some Kitsap students are going back to school and that means drivers need to watch out for those that are walking or waiting for the bus.

Here are a few tips to help keep our kids safe.

Slow down.  Speed limits are reduced in school zones for a reason.  Most schools have some kind of warning lights so pay attention to them, and be aware of crosswalks.

Watch for busses which make frequent stops.  Be aware of the students getting on and off the bus, and those waiting on the side of the road.  Parents, only drop your student off at the designated areas at school.

Eliminate distractions.  Taking your eyes off the road for even two seconds doubles your chances of crashing.  Children are quick, and may not be paying attention to traffic.  They may cross unexpectedly between cars. 

Check your surroundings, especially when backing up.  Every vehicle has blind spots.  Check for children in driveways, on sidewalks and around your vehicle. 

Talk to your teen drivers.  Many of the crashes involving teens are from inexperience.  Ride with them and talk about safe driving tips.

Most drivers are driving responsibly, and we thank you for that, so please pass the word to protect everyone that is traveling on our roadways.

Please choose to drive safe.  Every trip, every time.

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