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Jury Duty Phone Scam

Residents have received phone calls from individuals claiming to be law enforcement officers or court personnel saying they've missed jury duty, failed to pay taxes, or re-new a licenses and must pay in order to avoid an arrest warrant.  Scammers also "spoof" caller ID to make it look like it is from an actual law enforcement agency. The scammers typically request immediate payment in order to avoid a warrant issued for their arrest.  These payments range from a few hundred to thousands of dollars.  Typically, the payments are requested to be made via some type of pre-paid card, like Money Pak; credit card, money order or bank account information.

If you receive such a phone call, do not give out any personal, credit card, or banking information. You should hang up and call 911.


Court Appearance Cyber Scam

A fraudulent email has been widely distributed around the U.S. with the subject line "Urgent court notice NR#73230" (or another random number) that claims the receiver is scheduled to appear in "the court of Washington" on a particular date. The receiver is then instructed to open the attached court notice and read it thoroughly and is warned about not appearing.

This is a "malware" email and will download a virus to your computer if you open the attachment. Please delete the email immediately without opening it. 

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