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Accessibilities Communities Advisory Committee​

Meetings are open to the public. The committee encourages involvement and representation from all disabilities, in an inclusive community where all people have equal access. If you are interested in joining, please fill out an application for appointment.



The purpose of the established Accessible Communities Advisory Committee (ACAC) is to support disability awareness and access for people with disabilities through technical assistance and other resources funded by the Accessible Communities Act (Chapter 215, Laws of 2010). 

The Accessible Communities Advisory Committee meets on the last Monday of every month. The current meeting location will be announced here under the Meetings listing.  If you are interested in joining the committee, please visit a meeting and/or contact Marsha Cutting, Chair, for more information.  The application for membership is located under Become a Member.

Marsha Cutting, Chair​​Citizens Advocate

​Charlotte Shepherdson,
Vice Chair

Citizens Advocate
Damon Sallee​City of Poulsbo
Jeff VinecourtKitsap Transit​
Lisa LechugaKitsap Library
Doug Wood​​​Citizens Advocate
James Kinneson​Council of the Blind
​Kathryn WoofterCitizens Advocate
​Doug Washburn​Kitsap County​Staff
​Hannah Shockley​Kitsap County​Staff

​Meeting Date

Meetings are generally held on the last Monday of every month.



Please refer to Agenda for meeting location.


2020 Meeting Agenda

Monday, January 27
Monday, February 24
Monday, March 30 Cancelled
Monday, April 27 Cancelled
Monday, May 25
Monday, June 29
Monday, July 27
Monday, August 31
Monday, September 28
Monday, October 26
Monday, November 30
Monday, December 28

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