Road Maintenance and Preservation

The Kitsap County Road Maintenance and Operation Division is responsible for maintaining and preserving over 900 miles of roadway in unincorporated Kitsap County. To do this, the County is divided into three road maintenance districts—north, central and south. Each district has experienced staff and necessary resources available to make sure our roads are safe for travel.

Road District Map

The Division also maintains structures that lie within the County Right of Way that support the roadway.  These structures include, roadside shoulders, ditches and culverts, sidewalks, guardrails, bulkheads and seawalls, and bridges. (RCW 36.82.070)


Pavement Preservation Program (P3) 

The P3 program uses computer analysis, hands-on experience, and information from the public to develop a multi-year plan identifying targeted roads and type of surface preservation treatment required. Treatments are determined by cost, roadway usage, location and age of last treatment.

Surface treatments include:

Paving (2019 List)

Chip Seal (2019 List)

Chip Seal Fact Sheet

Chip Seal: What to Expect


Crack Sealing

Fog Sealing

Vegetation Management Program

Vegetation management within the Right of Way improves sight distance, prevents drainage issues, and removes trees posing a threat to driver and pedestrian safety. The County provides an "Owner Will Maintain (OWM)" program to residents who prefer to maintain their own landscaping in the Right of Way.

Kitsap County Public Works OWM Program

Vegetation Management Policy Handbook
OWM Agreement Form

Snow and Ice Removal Program

During winter snow and ice events, County crews clear County maintained roads using priorities established in the snow and ice control policy. Click here to learn more about the program and the policy, how to read the snow plow map, and understand how de-icing works.

County's Snow and Ice Removal Policy
Snow Plow Map
Salt Brine De-Icing video "Black Ice Killer"
Chemical De-icing Facts

Green Sweep Program

The Department of Public Works Road Maintenance and Stormwater Divisions coordinate in a street-sweeping program, called Green Sweep. The program focuses on pollutant removal and water-quality enhancement.  

Street Sweeping Fact Sheet

Street Sweeping Map

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