Pet Waste

Pet Waste: Scoop it, Bag it and Trash it.

Dogs in Kitsap County drop more than 11 tons of waste each day – and it doesn’t just go away.  

Pet waste contains pathogens that can make your family and pets sick. Scoop your yard weekly and pick up after your pet on walks to protect your family, your pet and Puget Sound.

Scoop it, bag it and trash it.

Landfills are designed to safely handle pet waste.  Yards, trails, streets, parks, and compost piles are not. 

Free Dog Waste Bag Stations Available

Have a ‘poo’ problem in your neighborhood? We can help!  By putting up a Mutt Mitt station and providing bags, you help make it easier for owners to pick up after their dog.  

• A sturdy metal bag dispenser 
• A starting supply of 600 bags 
• A sign identifying you or your organization as the sponsor of the pet waste station 
• An annual allotment of 500 bags per year to help you keep the station stocked (unincorporated Kitsap and City of Bremerton only)

Can I use pet waste as compost or fertilizer?

NO. Do not put pet waste into a backyard compost pile or into your curbside compost cart. Pet waste can contain harmful organisms. Most compost piles do not get hot enough to kill the bacteria and other organisms in dog and cat waste. The safest method is to pick it up, bag it, and put it in the trash. 

"Compostable" Dog Poop Bags are Not Compostable

Dog poop bags labeled "biodegradable," "oxo-degradable," or "compostable" must be put in your trash, not your compost.