Managing my Business' Stormwater System

We perform routine maintenance of our publicly owned stormwater system to keep it in good working order.  This also keeps trapped pollutants and debris from being swept into our streams, lakes and shorelines.  

If you own commercial property, you are responsible for maintaining the storm drain systems on your own property.  We annually inspect storm drain systems on commercial properties, and can help you with maintenance recommendations. If you need help in cleaning and repairing your system, contact a professional maintenance company.  

Mobile businesses that provide carpet cleaning, pressure washing, and painting share one thing in common: the work that they do requires water. Here’s how to manage and dispose of waste water from your mobile business.

If you are a maintenance provider and would like to get on our maintenance provider list, please contact us at 360.337.5777.

If you are a maintenance provider who would like to become approved to discharge at our decant facility, please click here.