Waste Collection at Apartments & Condos

All apartments & condos can set up recycling collection.

‚ÄčEvery apartment, condo, and multifamily property in Kitsap County can set up recycling and garbage collection service. Many, but not all, multifamily properties are also eligible for curbside compost service.


My apartment or condo doesn't have recycling. Can you help?

The Multifamily Recycling Assistance Program helps property owners and managers get the best collection service for their money. The voluntary program helps city and county properties:

  • Educate residents with dumpster signage, recycling guides, and other tools.

  • Work with service providers to choose the right sized containers.

  • Start or improve a recycling program.

Contact Kitsap 1 at 360.337.5777 or solidwaste@co.kitsap.wa.us to request assistance from Mutifamily Recycling program staff. 

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