Public Waste and Recycling Events

Collection events are held around the County at various times of the year. Upcoming events are listed when scheduled. To stay informed about all of our news, sign up to get the Recycling & Garbage News email bulletin.

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Event News

Successful diversion from landfill! 

On October 29th, Kitsap County hosted a Mattress and Styrofoam Recycling Collection Event for Kitsap Co. households. We welcomed over 600 carloads of foam and mattresses. Thanks to the Rotary, Sheriff Cadets, and other volunteers and staff for a successful collection event. 

2022 mattress and Styrofoam recycling event
Approximately five (5) 53-foot trailers full were sent for recycling at DTG Recycle

 Tire and Scrap Metal Collection Event -TBD

We intend to schedule a free tire and scrap metal collection event for Spring or Summer 2023. Details will be posted at a later date. Tire and scrap metal recycling is available year-round in Kitsap County.

 City and Tribal Events

Some cities and tribes host clean-up events or services. Contact your city or tribe directly to inquire. Proof of residence is usually required.

Events and services include the City of Bremerton Beautify Bremerton yard waste event, City of Port Orchard Spring Clean Ups, and City of Poulsbo Residential Cleanup Dumpster service.

 Paper Shred Events

Shredded paper is too small to go in your recycling bin, but you can recycle it at a paper shred event or kiosk. Check the LeMay Community Shred Event schedule, ask your local bank about scheduled shred events, or learn about year-round paper shredding options.

Events listed here do not constitute an endorsement by Kitsap County. All listings are current when posted and are subject to change without notice.